Broward County

Got complaints? Fort Lauderdale Mayor Seiler on the run

Got a gripe about city government? Put on your running shoes.

Mayor Jack Seiler has decided to start a monthly run through a city neighborhood where residents can walk or jog along and talk to him about complaints or concerns. The first jog will start at Huizenga Plaza downtown at 7 p.m. Monday and go through the Sailboat Bend area.

Call it Jogging with Jack; or maybe, Sweating with Seiler.

"I thought rather than people having to come to City Hall, I'd go to them and we'd have mobile office hours," Seiler said. "It gives people a chance to spend a couple minutes talking about issues important to them. It's a little more entertaining way to interact with residents and still gather information."

Residents can still make an appointment to visit him at his office, he said.

Police Chief Frank Adderley and former City Commissioner Tim Smith will join Seiler for the first jog. Seiler's City Hall secretaries will come along in a bicycle cab to jot down notes.

Seiler said jogging isn't his forte after four knee surgeries. He will walk part of the planned two-mile route.