Broward County

Delivery driver accused of pointing loaded pistol at couple on highway


Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Fort Lauderdale delivery driver early Wednesday morning on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge after a Vero Beach couple said he pointed a loaded handgun at them in what police describe as a road rage incident.

Kamaron Mathis, 25, is accused of driving his Chevrolet van alongside a Kia Seoul driven by Nico Lagios, 20, and pointing a Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol at passenger Kayla McFarland, also 20, around 4:45 a.m. Wednesday. The couple told police the van first approached them from behind at a high rate of speed, driving aggressively with its brights flashing as they drove south down U.S. 1 at mile marker 109. They called 911.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted a van fitting the description given by McFarland and Lagios and pulled it over at mile marker 103, according to a Sheriff’s Office Deputy Cody Kerns’ arrest report. Kerns stopped also, and he and the trooper drew their guns, ordering Mathis and a passenger out of the van. The passenger said he was asleep the whole time and only woke up when he saw the trooper’s emergency flashing lights. He said they were delivering a package to the Keys from Fort Lauderdale.

Kerns and the trooper found the handgun in the back of the van on top of some boxes. Kerns stated in his report that there was a round in the chamber and the gun was “ready to fire.”

Mathis at first denied pointing the gun at Lagos and McFarland. He said Lagios repeatedly tapped his brakes, so he thought something was wrong inside the car. Mathis told Kerns he pulled alongside of the Kia to see if its occupants were safe. He said he was holding his cell phone, and not a weapon. He also claimed that he never carries the gun on his person. A frisk by the deputy suggested otherwise, according to Kerns’ report.

“However, it should be noted, as I was patting him down, I located an empty handgun holster attached to Mathis’ belt on the right side of his waist,” Kerns wrote.

Mathis then stated he did not want to answer any more questions without an attorney present. His passenger was not detained and was allowed to leave in the van.

As of Wednesday, Mathis was being held at the Plantation Key jail on no bond.