Broward County

He already had a troubling driving record. Then his truck went onto the sidewalk and killed a senior citizen.

A Broward 35-year-old cited twice for careless driving in the past year drove a truck onto a Margate sidewalk and killed a 73-year-old woman Thursday morning, police said.

Margate police didn’t say why Christopher Pearson’s Toyota Tundra left the road as it rolled east on Northwest 31st Street and killed pedestrian Maju Begum. The crash remains under investigation.

Pearson’s driving record includes these traffic and traffic-related convictions in the past 10 years:

▪ May 23, 2007: Arrested and charged with cocaine possession and drug paraphernalia possession; also ticketed for driving with a suspended license and disobeying a red light. Pearson received a two-year probation and paid $1,135 in fines after pleading guilty to the first three charges.

▪ Aug. 4, 2008: Ticketed for doing 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. Pearson paid $231.25 in fines.

▪ Dec. 11, 2010: Ticketed for driving with a suspended license. Pearson still owes $276 of a $326 fine.

▪ April 25, 2016: Ticketed for failure to use care in a traffic accident. He still owes $55.35 of that $165.00 fine.

▪ Nov. 11, 2016: Ticketed for careless driving. The ticket describes Pearson, in driving from the 3400 block to the 1400 block of University Drive in Coral Springs, as engaging in “excessive speed, weaving, tailgating, revving his engine to intimidate vehicles.” He owes $148 on that fine.

Anyone with information on Thursday’s crash is asked to call Traffic Homicide Investigator Officer Paul Frankenhauser at 754-220-9864

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal