Broward County

Teacher accused of tipping off drug dealer about police investigation


A Broward County Public Schools elementary teacher repeatedly tipped off a drug investigation target, according to a federal indictment.. Her information streamed, the indictment says, through the leak of a relative on the case as a Lauderhill police detective.

The leak caused a confidential informant to be moved out of Broward County for personal safety reasons.

Porsha Session, 31, faces one count of corruptly obstructing an official proceeding, a charge that carries a maximum 20-year sentence. She was arrested on Monday and posted $260,000 bond on Tuesday.

According to Broward County Public Schools, Session will remain in her position as a fourth-grade teacher at Deerfield Beach Elementary while the case works its way through the system. Lauderhill police Lieutenant Gregory Solowsky said no officers were disciplined in this case.

The indictment says Session’s relative was part of the “Lauderhill Investigation” along with other Lauderhill cops, DEA and Homeland Security agents. The targets were former South Florida resident “D.W.” and current South Florida resident “O.T.”

In late February and early March 2013, law enforcement in the Lauderhill Investigation received information from the informant — cars, telephone numbers, drug trafficking activity — on the drug operation. Session was then teaching at Cypress Elementary School.

During the telephone calls, defendant Session warned D.W. that someone close to him within their group was providing information about their criminal activities.”

Federal indictment of Porsha Session for obstructing an official proceeding

In March, the indictment alleges, Session’s relative told her enough information about the investigation that she borrowed another Cypress teacher’s cellphone and called D.W. Using the name, “Keesha,” she warned D.W. that he was being watched as a suspected drug trafficker.

D.W. brushed off Session’s warning. According to the indictment, she persisted in snitching on the cops:

“After defendant Session’s initial warning was rebuffed by D.W, defendant Session initiated and received additional telephone calls and provided additional details in order to convince D.W. as to the truth of her warnings, including the identity of other persons within the criminal enterprise, including O .T., and details of a failed pickup of a drug shipment by O.T.”

She also told D.W. that law enforcement got all the intelligence from inside his operation. D.W. relayed that and Session’s suggestion of changing cellphone numbers to O.T., the indictment says.

That’s when law enforcement pulled the confidential informant out of the investigation and out of Broward County.

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