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Four 18-year-olds arrested in pistol-whipping robbery

Clockwise from top left: Darrion Vankleeck, Corey Dukes, Adolfo Amed Vela and Anne Feeley.
Clockwise from top left: Darrion Vankleeck, Corey Dukes, Adolfo Amed Vela and Anne Feeley.

Wilton Manors police have arrested four suspects in the Feb. 12 pistol-whipping robbery of a resident walking to his car in the early hours of Feb. 12.

Police are searching for a pair of violent crooks who robbed and pistol-whipped a man in Wilton Manors.

Darrion Vankleeck was charged with armed robbery, grand theft between $300 and $5,000, criminal attempt to solicit conspiracy and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. The arrest also reopened Vankleeck’s previous juvenile petit theft charge.

Corey Dukes and Adolfo Amed Vela face the same first three charges as Vankleeck. Dukes also saw his past suddenly become present — he had been out on bond after an October arrest on burglary and grand theft charges. Anne Feeley was charged as an accessory after the fact for remaining with the group when she knew a crime was being committed and not reporting it afterwards.

The four, all 18, are accused of working together to rob Denis Kladchikhin around 4 a.m. By the surveillance video of the robbery and police account, it appears the 6-2, 300-pound Dukes and 5-11, 140-pound Vankleeck stalked Kladchikhin from behind some bushes. Once Kladchikhin saw the two, he started running.

Dukes and Vankleeck gave chase, with Dukes holding the 9 mm gun, according to the arrest report. The suspects were forced to jump in their getaway car with Vela and Feeley to continue the pursuit.

Police say Dukes jumped out and struck Kladchikhin with the gun. That’s when they took Kladchikhin’s cellphone, credit card, $20 cash and driver’s license, police say.

In the car, police believe Vankleeck wiped down the telephone, then threw it away to keep from being tracked by the GPS. That’s why he got the extra tampering with evidence charge. The arrest report says Vela admitted to ditching the gun in the Everglades in seeing news media reports of the robbery.

Editor’s note: Charges against Anne Feeley were dropped by the state attorney’s office

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