Broward County

Illegal butt-pumping at home puts man in prison


Injecting silicone into the buttocks can cost the butt’s owner his or her life. Being the injector will cost Hallandale Beach’s Juan David Acosta a year and a day from his life.

That’s Acosta’s sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to two counts of receipt in interstate commerce of a misbranded device and delivery for pay with intent to defraud or mislead. During his subsequent year of supervised release, he’ll pay a $200 fine.

The 44-year-old Colombian national collected $5,000 from one woman and $2,300-$2,500 from another woman for butt injections at his Hallandale Beach home during the 2015 summer.

Acosta’s statement with his guilty plea admits he told the first woman that, as a licensed doctor, he’d be injecting her with a natural “cellular gel.” When federal authorities tested the bottles described by the woman and taken from Acosta’s residence, the “cellular gel” was determined to be silicone.

Woman No. 2 told federal agents she asked Acosta flat out if he was using silicone and he denied it.

Acosta is not a doctor, but he has been accused of playing one. Miami-Dade County charged him with practicing medicine without a license and three misdemeanor counts of criminal nuisance injurious to health in 2009, but wound up prosecuting only two of the misdemeanor counts. Acosta paid a $358 fine. When Acosta moved from Kendall to Hallandale Beach, he brought his unlicensed butt-building practice with him.

Silicone is not approved for butt injections by the FDA. In 2013, Suyima Torres died from silicone glute injection. That same year, Spanish-language radio personality Betty Pino died of complications from a procedure as she got silicone removed from her buttocks.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal