Broward County

Broward Sheriff’s deputy arrested, charged with extorting security guard for sex

Trazell McLeod
Trazell McLeod

A rookie Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested Thursday after detectives say he tried to pressure a security officer into having sex with him by threatening to arrest him on false charges of possessing drugs and soliciting prostitutes.

Trazell McLeod, 20, who was hired in February and had been on his own on patrol for only a couple of months, was being held in Broward’s main jail on a $2,500 bond Thursday night. He faces charges of extortion, falsifying official documents and tampering with evidence.

“It’s always disappointing to learn that a deputy who swore to serve and protect the public was only out to serve himself,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said in a news release. “I am extremely proud of the swift actions of our Internal Affairs and Public Corruption Units. Within four days of receiving the complaint, they investigated, conducted surveillance and brought forth evidence to support the immediate termination of this rookie deputy.”

The investigation into McLeod began on Oct. 17 when the unnamed security officer at Ali Cultural Arts Building in Pompano Beach went to BSO’s Internal Affairs to report an incident the night before.

The man, 34, said McLeod “touched him inappropriately and is extorting him for sexual favors,” BSO Det. Jason Hendrick wrote in an arrest affidavit. Detectives say McLeod also “did intentionally and unlawfully falsify an official document regarding the discovery of crack cocaine.”

The man told detectives that McLeod touched him inappropriately while frisking him, according to the arrest warrant. He also said the deputy made him go to the security office to get his phone. While the deputy went to his car, the guard slipped out a side door, jumped a fence, called his wife and waited for her in the bushes. When the guard got home, McLeod was parked in his driveway. So the guard, who was with his wife and kids, went to a hotel for the night.

He also told detectives that McLeod called and texted him several times, a detective wrote in the affidavit. An internal investigation was launched.

Because McLeod was still on probation when he was fired, he cannot appeal the decision. He was fired on Oct 20.