Miami Springs makes U-turn on noise ordinance

Miami Springs leaders have decided not to trouble their existing noise ordinance and voted against extending the hours.

Council members reversed themselves on at the Feb. 24 meeting and voted 5-0 not to pass an ordinance that would extend “noise” in the bedroom community of 14,000 by two hours.

The council acted after dozens of furious residents packed the chambers when they found out that leaders were considering allowing “loud, unnecessary, excessive or unusual noises” to be extended from 10 p.m. to midnight. Such noise includes radios, music bands and other things.

“This isn’t South Beach or Coconut Grove,” said Nestor Suarez, a former council candidate who runs the popular bulletin board, “We are a quiet oasis in the middle of Miami.”

After more than two hours of banter from businessmen, attorneys, housewives and others, the council quickly reversed course.

The proposal came up for first reading on Feb. 10 and Councilman Billy Bain strongly supported it so as not to restrict “everyone from having fun.” He cited how his neighbor plays music until “1 or 2 in the morning.”

Two weeks later, Bain reversed course asking to leave the ordinance “the way it is now than try to pass this.”

“I think you should throw the whole thing out and start over again,” Bain said.