Local Miami Springs Girls Scouts earn Bronze Award

    Miami Springs Girl Scout Troop 594 has six Girl Scouts who are earning the prestigious Bronze Award. The girls traveled back in time and around the world without stepping a foot out of Miami Springs or Virginia Gardens. The community has the opportunity to join the adventure and be inspired through the girls’ project.

    Many people are quite familiar with the Boy Scout Eagle Award. Well, this is much like that award. Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze Award, depending on the age of the scouts. The Bronze Award is the highest honor that a Girl Scout Junior (fourth- and fifth-grade girls) can achieve.

    Over the past two months, six Girls Scouts from Miami Springs Troop 594 have worked together, created, planned, and will complete the process of earning the Bronze Award.

    The Girl Scouts titled their Bronze Project “Amazing Women and Their Untold Stories.” Each girl selected and interviewed an amazing woman from Miami Springs — women who the community may not know about, women who could easily be given the title “unsung heroes.” Each woman who was interviewed made significant contributions to Miami Springs and each woman had a story or two or three that were just waiting to be told.

    The Girl Scouts spent time interviewing the women on a one-on-one basis. They learned about the women’s childhood, family life, hobbies and careers. They gathered information along with photos of each amazing woman. The scouts have been meeting at the Miami Springs Rec Center since the beginning of March and they’ve compiled a scrapbook filled with inspiring stories. Their goal is to share their book with as many people as possible.

    The book, “Amazing Women and Their Untold Stories,” will go on a small-town book tour this coming week with stops at the Miami Springs Public Library, Miami Springs City Hall, and a few local schools. The book tour will conclude at The Miami Springs Historical Museum where the girls will donate it so that anyone, for generations to come, can read and learn from the amazing and inspiring stories.

    Each Girl Scout Bronze Award recipient is a resident of the River Cities Area, and so are the women that they interviewed. Each woman has a great connection to Miami Springs and many of the women interviewed took the scouts on a journey back in time and around the world, sharing stories of war, of love, of faith, and of perseverance.

    • Marta Fenton-Gonzalez was interviewed by Jade Leon. “Ms. Fenton-Gonzalez is an inspiration because she has done great things. She always tries to be fair and make learning fun. She is nice, funny, cool, and easy to relate to.”

    • Judith Hamlin (a.k.a. Ms. Puddy) was interviewed by Lindsey Saladrigas. “The most interesting thing I learned about Ms. Puddy was that she spent years teaching in Africa, Honduras, Key West, Nicaragua, and in Miami Springs. She is an inspiration because she always serves her family and her community. She is so awesome and kind.”  

    • Inez Jagessar was interviewed by Jade Jagessar. “My grandmother is an inspiration to others because she trusts God in all circumstances and because she thinks of other people before herself. She is a wonderful woman and she is always willing to help other people.” 

    • Olga Siddons was interviewed by Faith Aguila. “Ms. Siddons is an inspiration to others because of all that she has accomplished in her life. She is very intelligent and very artistic, too. She inspires others to dream, to work hard, and to persevere.”

    • Tamara Thomas was interviewed by Sarah Gorland. “Ms. Thomas is talented, kind, caring, and dedicated to her career and her church. She helps people with disabilities to find a way to live a more fulfilling life. She is inspires others to believe in themselves.”

    • Margaret Watson was interviewed by Mattie Colón. “The most interesting thing that I learned about Ms. Watson was that as a child in England she had to bring gas masks to school because of the war. Ms. Watson is a strong, brave and charismatic woman because through many hardships she still provided a loving environment for her family.”

    The inspirational book titled “Amazing Women and Their Untold Stories” will be on display for the public to see this week at:

    • Miami Springs Public Library Thursday, May 16 from noon to 6 p.m.

    • Miami Springs City Hall Friday, May 17 from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m.

    The book will be donated to the Miami Springs Historical Museum on Sunday, May 19 for future generations to enjoy. 

    Each Bronze Award recipient walks away from this project with greater courage, confidence, and character as they strived to make a lasting difference in the world around them. The Girl Scouts interviewed six amazing women from our community. When you read their book, you’ll discover that there are really 12 amazing women — six women with inspiring stories from the past and six little women with inspiring futures.