North Miami mayoral candidate says voters chose Lucifer ‘over Jesus’

A North Miami mayoral candidate who did not make it into the runoff is not going away quietly.

Anna Pierre, who has said Jesus Christ endorsed her campaign, sent out a rambling mass email Wednesday morning warning the city chose Lucifer “over Jesus.” She also posted the message on her Facebook page.

The two top vote-getters, Lucie Tondreau and Kevin Burns, will head to a runoff on June 4 since both were shy of the more than 50 percent needed to win outright.

Pierre received less than 1 percent of the votes, but she said does not believe the numbers. Of 6,786 ballots cast for mayor, she captured 56 votes.

“They claimed I only have 56 votes, you can believe them if you want. I know they are corrupted and some members of the current administration were ready to do anything to have their protege elected to (perhaps) prevent their butt from going to jail in the near future. But I never expected them to go this far,” she wrote.

Tondreau is endorsed by current mayor Andre Pierre, who spent the days leading up to the election stumping for her on Haitian radio.

Tondreau said Anna Pierre is reaching for excuses to explain why she lost a race “she had no chance of winning in the first place.”

“I can understand Ms. Pierre’s frustration. She used Vodou , that didn’t work. And then, Jesus endorsed her,” said Tondreau. “If she got Jesus’ endorsement, that’s the biggest endorsement you can get. Why is she worried about who endorsed me?”

Anna Pierre and Andre Pierre are not related.

Reached on Wednesday, Anna Pierre said perhaps God spared her from the perils of City Hall.

“Jesus did not forsake me. God has something bigger for me, His will has been done,” she said. “God spared me from going into that madhouse. That’s all.”