New Wynwood venue hosts music, dance painting

After breaking up with his former band, The Midnight Hour, in December, Cory Antwan Ferguson rounded up some local musicians and started The Vivid Guild about a month later.

The indie rock band, formed in January, now plays in venues all around Miami.

“I want to take people places they have never been before,” Ferguson said referring to his music.

Vivid Guild’s next performance will take place on May 11 at 276 Art Studio in Wynwood.

The band’s performance is one of many shows 276 Art Studio hosts every second Saturday of the month during the Wynwood Art Walk.

“We take advantage of the foot traffic. Everyone’s here,” said Brigette Cormier, one of the studio’s founders. “They want to see art and we’re here ready to show some art.”

The art studio, opened in August by Cormier and her boyfriend George Hustus, is home for original paintings and a platform for other art forms, including dance and music.

“George and I are hyper creative and very passionate,” said Cormier. “Having a studio is good because we have a consistent outlet for the art, so it’s always productive creativity.”

The small studio displays the artwork of illustrators, such as Hustus, 24.

Hustus’ original pieces contain a lot of color, using spray paint and oil paint to covey his abstract style of art.

“I like to have something appealing to the eye,” said Hustus. “It is something that someone can apply their own meaning to.”

In addition to the artwork being sold, 276 Art Studio has a large dance floor where performers like Cormier, 24, and her dance trio practice and perform.

The trio has a contemporary dance style. Cormier does some choreographed pieces, but they also improvise.

“In addition to showing the choreographed dance we like to show dance improvisation also because it’s kind of this different contemporary language coming from our generation.”

At a recent show, the floor was open to Avocado Estate, a bluegrass band, Cormier and a member of her trio.

Mario Girasa, 36, was visiting the Wynwood Art Walk from Boston. He walked in as Cormier was performing.

“I loved it, it was great,” said Girasa. “The timing was perfect, which means it was meant to be.”

276 Art Studio currently hosts one show a month, but there are plans for having some more frequently beginning in the summer.

The past show, just like the upcoming show, will host original work from the owners. It will also have live music from Vivid Guild and Christopher Lee Corzo, 23, a solo guitarist.

“We want to let people know about the talented artists in Miami,” said Corzo. “The show will raise awareness for art and music.”