South Florida

Rainy, hot and humid weather expected the rest of the week in South Florida

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Herald File Photo EL NUEVO HERALD

After a soaked morning Wednesday, South Florida can look forward to a damp day of rain and humidity.

The National Weather Service predicts a moderate chance of rain (50 percent chance in Homestead, 40 percent in Miami, 30 percent in Fort Lauderdale). The maximum heat index tops 102, which is right in line with a recent study that shows Miami topping the nation in dangerously hot metro areas.

Wednesday will have a high of 92 degrees and low of 80 degrees, which will hold through Sunday.

Scattered thunderstorms can be expected for interior and western areas of South Florida, NWS said, with a possibility of waterspouts.

For the rest of the week, thunderstorms are likely, especially in interior South Florida in the afternoons, but will drop from “scattered” to “chance” in time for the weekend.

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