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This teen faked being a doctor. But his going to prison is the real deal.

Malachi Love-Robinson
Malachi Love-Robinson

The teenager who was arrested almost two years ago for impersonating a doctor pleaded guilty Thursday to several felony charges, including practicing medicine without a license, court records show.

Malachi Love-Robinson, now 20, was sentenced to three-and-a half years in prison. He will get credit for already serving 483 days.

Also part of the punishment: He will owe $80,000 when he gets out of prison, according to the Sun Sentinel.

In February 2016, Love-Robinson was arrested after he examined a Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputy posing as a patient at New Birth New Life Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

That wasn’t the first time Malachi-Robinson was accused of impersonating a doctor. He had already been under the department’s radar after complaints, which included at least one gynecological exam at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“Love-Robinson has a history of presenting himself as a medical doctor and was previously Baker Acted by the city of West Palm Beach Police Department,” a deputy wrote in his arrest report.

At the time, he was also charged with stealing from an 86-year-old woman. According to his arrest report, Love-Robinson forged checks belonging to a woman who sought help for her stomach pain.

After his arrest, the teen denied all of the accusations in an interview with the Palm Beach Post.

On Thursday, however, Love-Robinson, who according to the Sun Sentinel faced up to 90 years in prison, also pleaded guilty to practicing naturopathy without a license and grand theft.

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