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Texas infant’s death tied to the Zika virus

Doctors at Baptist Health South Florida held an information session to discuss the Zika virus and pregnancy. Doctors answered questions from expectant mothers and those hoping to conceive in the near future as well.

A Texas baby died soon after being born, and health officials said the death is related to the Zika virus.

The infant’s mother caught the virus in Latin America while she was pregnant, announced the Texas Department of State Health Services. The baby was born with a shrunken head, a condition known as microcephaly, and died shortly after.

Three other American lives have been claimed by Zika — an elderly man in Utah who caught the virus outside the county and two elderly men in Puerto Rico, which is ravaged by the illness. There are 8,776 cases of the Zika virus on the island , including more than 900 pregnant women.

So far in Florida, 55 pregnant women have the virus, 17 people contracted the virus locally and 357 people caught it outside the country, according to the Florida Department of Health.