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Miami’s Deshe family gives $3M to research for rare skin disorder

The family of a Miami auto insurance magnate on Wednesday announced a $3 million gift to the EB Research Partnership, the nation’s largest nonprofit group working to cure a rare and debilitating disorder that causes the skin to tear apart, blister and shear off, leading to pain, disfigurement and wounds that never heal.

The gift from Ari and Ann Deshe, and their children Elie, David, Dara and Daniel, will be used to pay for medical research aimed at treating and curing the disease known as EB or epidermolysis bullosa, including current efforts at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota.

The Deshe family is personally affected by the disease. Ari Deshe, founder and chairman of Safe Auto Insurance Co., and three of his children have been diagnosed with a form of the disease.

In a written statement, Ari and Ann Deshe said their family’s affliction with EB initially inspired them to make the donation.

“We would love to see this disease gone and we want to be a part of helping eradicate it, forever,” the Deshes said in the statement.