Health Care

Caught in the healthcare coverage gap? Here are some resources

Safety net facilities: Find free or discounted clinics in South Florida with our interactive map.

For more information on the healthcare coverage gap or help with social and medical services, here are some South Florida agencies:

▪ Florida CHAIN, a statewide consumer health advocacy organization.

▪ Catalyst Miami, a non-profit centered on poverty programs and empowerment.

▪ Young Invincibles, a national nonprofit group targeting millennial enrollment.

▪ Health Council of South Florida, coordinator of health services.

▪ Florida International University Neighborhood HELP program, provides medical care and other assistance through FIU medical students.

▪ Florida Legal Services, a nonprofit that provides legal assistance

▪ Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, a nonprofit that helps provide enrollment assistance

▪ Camillus Health, a non-profit that provides healthcare, behavioral health and social services to the homeless and poor.

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