Your Office Coach: Best Rx for a toxic workplace: Leave

Q: The managers in our department are autocratic bullies who treat employees like first-graders. If they find us talking to a coworker, they immediately order us to get back to our own cubicle, even if we're discussing a work project. They actually covered all the windows to keep us from looking out.


Some employers wage bidding wars for scarce workers

Karen Quintana is keenly aware of how hard it is for companies to find workers who can handle the government red tape and other complexities of shipping containers of electronics, toys and machine parts in and out of the nation's largest port complex in San Pedro Bay.


Liz Reyer: How to handle a skilled worker who's also a bully

Q: I've been actively managing a bully on my team. I've documented her behavior, met with her and HR, had candid talks with her, and set action plans. She's giving lip service to changing her behavior, but her actions don't always match. She is a highly skilled analyst so I would hate to lose her. How much leash should I give her and how do I determine whether she is trying hard enough?

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They took on the tobacco industry — and won

Miami Beach lawyers Robert Grover, Norman Ciment, Marvin Weinstein and Sherwin Stauber have accomplished much in their 53 years on both sides of the bench, including winning the first — and only — secondhand smoke case against a tobacco company.

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Newborn Giraffe Born in Wildlife Park Struggles With First Steps

A newborn giraffe born at wildlife conservation center The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio, was caught attempting to take its first steps in a video shared on July 13.