Your Office Coach: Suing over abusive manager is no simple matter

Q: I think you are giving people some very bad advice. Whenever someone complains about a hot-tempered boss, you say they should talk with human resources or find another job. Wrong! These foul-mouthed managers need to go, and their companies should be sued for harassment. So the next time someone with a mean supervisor asks for help, tell them to document everything and find a lawyer.

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They took on the tobacco industry — and won

Miami Beach lawyers Robert Grover, Norman Ciment, Marvin Weinstein and Sherwin Stauber have accomplished much in their 53 years on both sides of the bench, including winning the first — and only — secondhand smoke case against a tobacco company.

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Video captures violent store robbery in Hollywood

The Hollywood Police Department released a video showing a violent store robbery of a 7-Eleven located at 1600 North Federal Highway on Aug. 7, 2018.