Wanted: Public servants for thankless jobs. OK, who’s in?

Earlier this month, on a cold, foggy night in the Chicago Loop, students in a public administration class at DePaul University had a conversation about whether they wanted to be public administrators. They wondered, if federal shutdowns and unpredictable governing are the State of Public Service in 2019, maybe they didn't care to become public servants?


Your Office Coach: Employee prefers data to dealing with public

Q: Let me just say that I hate working with the public. When I took my current job, my manager said I would be doing data entry and filing. Since then, however, I have been assigned to work the front desk several times a week. I love entering data and don't mind filing, but I despise dealing with the rude, pushy people who come into this office.

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Is Amazon one step closer in coming to Miami?

Miami was rated as a possibility for Amazon's second headquarter.