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Carnival Corp. sending 200 IT workers to French firm

The main entrance of Doral-based Carnival Corp. The company is transferring 200 IT workers to French firm Capgemini.
The main entrance of Doral-based Carnival Corp. The company is transferring 200 IT workers to French firm Capgemini. AP

Carnival is eliminating 200 workers from its IT department, according to a reporter by CBS4 News. However, the workers are being offered positions at an outside French firm.

The affected workers, 140 of them from South Florida, are being offered positions with Capgemini, a Paris-based firm that focuses in consulting, technology and outsourcing services and has operations in 40 countries. The affected Carnival employees work for the Doral-based cruise company’s various cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

Roger Frizzell, a spokesman for Carnival Corp., said in an interview with the Miami Herald that the workers are guaranteed six months of employment with Capgemini, some of them working with Carnival as a client. After the six months, the French firm will determine “which ones will continue to work for the Carnival Corporation account, which ones will work for other accounts and, if they decide, some employees need to be released they will make that determination at that time.”

Frizzell said Carnival is transitioning the positions to “help the company keep pace with the evolving technology environment.” The cruise company currently employes more than 300 IT workers, he said.

But according to CBS4 News, one employee said the affected employees were essentially “told we would be training our replacements in India how to do our jobs.”

Frizzell denied the jobs were being sent to India, adding that while Capgemini has employees all over the world, the ones working for Carnival Corp. will be North America.

The workers have until Dec. 19 to sign their new employment agreements with Capgemini. Alternatively, they can apply for other jobs within Carnival or leave the company, Frizzell said.

Sara Blackwell, a labor attorney who is advising the Carnival employees, told CBS4 News Carnival’s actions were announced last week during a series of meetings with the workers.

“The executives of Carnival should be ashamed and should have to face the families that they have destroyed merely days before Christmas,” Blackwell said.

But Carnival has stressed the workers are not being fired and that the moves were being done to improve performance and not to save money.

Asked if the employees were being asked to train others how to do their jobs, Frizzell told CBS4 News: “Not trained, but they will be involved in showcasing the processes related to the function in order for Capgemini to provide stronger and better service to Carnival Corporation and its brands.”

This report is supplemented with reporting from CBS4 News.