Adding photos to Windows 10 emails

Q: Before I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, I could copy and paste photos into the body of an email. But after the upgrade, that won’t work with either my Yahoo or Gmail email accounts. What can I do?

Kent Carter, Orange Park, Fla.

A: Windows 10 isn’t preventing you from sending photos in your emails. Instead, the commands to add photos have changed, with “inserting” photos replacing copy and paste.

Windows 10 provides three ways to send Gmail and Yahoo Mail messages: Use a web browser to access the Google or Yahoo Mail websites; use the Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 (find it at, or use the Windows 10 email app to log in to either Gmail or Yahoo.

If you’re sending an email from the Gmail website, you can place a photo into the body of the email by using the “insert photo” icon at the bottom of the email, then choosing “upload” and selecting any photo stored on your PC. To attach a photo to the email, use the “attach files icon,” also at the bottom of the email.

If you’re sending an email from the Yahoo Mail website or using the Yahoo Mail app, you can only attach a photo from your PC to the email, using the icon at the bottom of the email.

The Windows 10 email app provides a common set of commands to send photos, no matter what email service you’re using. The app lets you include a photo in the body of the email by clicking “insert” at the top of a new email and then choosing “pictures” from the menu below it. You can then double-click any photo stored on your PC and it will be copied to the body of a new email. (Unfortunately, Yahoo Mail won’t deliver an email with an inserted photo.) To attach a photo, choose the “files” icon instead of “insert.”

To use the Windows 10 email app with Yahoo Mail, you must first make a one-time setting change in your Yahoo account. To do that, sign into the Yahoo email settings website ( and turn on “allow apps that use less secure sign in.” To complete the process, sign into your Yahoo Mail account again with the Windows 10 email app.

Note that Yahoo recommends against allowing any apps but its own to access Yahoo Mail; it claims others may be “less secure.”

Q: I use Apple’s Time Machine software to make backups of my MacBook Air’s stored data. But lately I’ve been receiving a warning message that says Time Machine needs to create a new backup to improve reliability. The trouble is that it takes Time Machine nine hours to create a new backup. Is there any non-Apple backup software I can use instead?

Reed Nelson, Shoreview, Minn.

A: In theory, the warning message means that the last backup you made is corrupted, and that you should make a new one. But it’s unclear whether the message is accurate or there’s a software conflict between the Time Machine program and the Mac operating system.

Some non-Apple backup programs that you can use in place of Time Machine are Carbon Copy Cloner 4 ($40), SuperDuper ($28), Data Backup Pro ($50), Get Backup Pro ($20) and CrashPlan ($60 a year subscription). For details, see