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Historic Anderson’s Corner in Redland hits market for $1.1 million

The historic Anderson’s Corner general store property at 15700 SW 232nd Ave. in The Redland was built in 1912. The property is on the market for $1.1 million.
The historic Anderson’s Corner general store property at 15700 SW 232nd Ave. in The Redland was built in 1912. The property is on the market for $1.1 million.

A treasured piece of Miami history is up for sale.

Anderson’s Corner, the general store at 15700 SW 232nd St. in The Redland built in 1912, was listed Friday at $1.1 million.

Brian Simmons, who bought the property with his wife, Jessica, 20 years ago, says he originally envisioned opening a Cracker Barrel-style restaurant and country store at the location. But the couple, who operate the Cloister Mia Grove carambolas farm at 23955 SW 157th Ave., were unable to raise the funds needed to launch the new business.

“We have triplets who are going into their senior year of high school and we’ll need to pay for their college,” said Simmons, 59. “We decided we couldn’t be tied down by this property for the rest of our lives and we can’t afford to do anything more with it.”

The building’s interior is completely empty. The exterior siding will be renovated with new pine wood and a fresh coat of paint, but whoever buys the property will have to add plumbing, electrical wiring and a floor. The 5,611-square-foot building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and cannot be torn down.

The property is zoned for mixed-use and could be converted into anything from a winery to a bed-and-breakfast to a farm store.

But its historical significance is also part of the property’s value.

“I haven’t had to explain what Anderson’s Corner is to many people, because everyone already knows it,” said Zach Price of the Coral Gables-based Luxe Properties LLC, which is handling the listing. “The people who don’t know it are mostly millennials, because for 20 years the building hasn’t been anything so the name hasn’t gotten out there.”

William Anderson, who worked for railroad magnate Henry M. Flagler, built the two-story structure in 1912 to provide living quarters for his family and serve the pioneer farming community in the area with a general goods store.

In its last incarnation, Anderson’s Corner was the location of the celebrated Harvest House restaurant, operated by Joan Green and chef Mario Martinez. The eatery had been open for only eight months when Hurricane Andrew nearly flattened the structure in 1992 and left the building tilting.

A $500,000 restoration made possible by grants from the Dade Country Historic Preservation office and other groups straightened the building. A new infrastructure comprised of eight steel columns, each weighing about 800 pounds, was installed to ensure the building would withstand future storms.

The current owners purchased the property in June 1997 for $101,000, according to the website of the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser. The 2017 market value of the land was $327,568. The assessed land value was $236,578.

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