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CEOs: Extra guards and added security measures help protect staff and clients

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This week’s question to South Florida CEOs who are on the Miami Herald CEO Roundtable: Incidents of violence over the past several years haven’t been limited to public spaces. Has your company added or enhanced security measures recently in response to threats elsewhere? Why or why not?


To date, we have not employed additional security measures at the GHETC facility, but we believe that it is time to invest in heightened protection. We are in the process of evaluating surveillance systems and other security measures to ensure the safety of our riders, horses, volunteers and staff members.

Margaret “Peggy” Bass, executive director, Good Hope Equestrian Training Center


In our newer housing communities, Carrfour has added additional security features over the past several years. We have also provided staff with training on dealing with workplace violence. Moreover, Carrfour staff has had to support our residents — many of whom are children and adults with mental illness — in dealing with the fear triggered by these incidents. Learning how to support each other after these incidents of violence has unfortunately become an important new reality for both our staff and our residents.

Stephanie Berman-Eisenberg, president, CEO, Carrfour Supportive Housing


We’re mindful of everything going around us, but we’ve been fortunate in that we’ve never been directly impacted. That said, we do everything in our power to provide our team members a safe work environment and are always open to incorporating new safety measures if they’ll translate to added peace of mind for our staff.

Michael A. Comras, president, The Comras Company of Florida


Over the past few years, we have implemented several security measures in cyberspace, as well as our retail stores, manufacturing lab and support center. For example, we have installed security cameras and traffic trackers in all retail locations. Also, we have implemented a standard operating procedure for our store managers to build good, long-lasting relationships with local law enforcement.

Jose R. Costa, CEO, For Eyes


Even with more than 100,000 patient visits a year, we have not had any incidents of workplace violence. Granted, security is an important issue in the medical workplace due to HIPAA and other medical concerns. Many of our properties have electronic badge entry access as well as video cameras, and in some properties we lease there are security guards and restricted access.

Alejandro Fernandez, CEO, Gastro Health


We have not experienced any security concerns or threats; however, we do take precautions making sure that security at our events and facilities is top of mind as we are planning and executing our daily work. During staff meetings, we consistently remind staff to take appropriate precautions of their surroundings at all times in order to alert us to any situation that we should respond to immediately and to secure our premises.

Willie Logan, founder, CEO and president, Opa-locka Community Development Corp.


We do plan to add more video surveillance and stricter access controls. I feel the most important no cost item that we all need to do is a clear incident response plan so that everyone knows what to do if something happens.

Raymond Mobayed, owner, 4IT Inc.


Security is a top priority at The Biltmore. It always has been and will continue to be. We have a strong security department and we are also closely connected to all of the emergency official offices in Miami. We also provide background checks as well as high security training to all our staff. We will continue to upgrade our security measures to ensure guests always feel comfortable and safe.

Gene Prescott, president and CEO, Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables


To enhance security measures across Univision Communications Inc., the office of Global Security was established in 2016 to implement procedures that protect our people, key assets, identify vulnerabilities and address security gaps. Safeguarding our people and our critical assets is paramount for any organization, and at UCI we have strengthened our commitment to bolster our company’s risk management, asset protection and personnel safety.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, president, Univision Deportes


These kinds of incidents are very unfortunate, and it’s definitely made us more mindful of safety. Fortunately, we’ve never had a comparable situation; nevertheless, we encourage all team members to be watchful and report any kind of suspicious behavior.

Carlos Rosso, president, The Related Group’s Condominium division


Our corporate headquarters has been based in Miami’s Little River Business District since 1971. The neighborhood has seen some vast improvements in just the last year. We as a company take pride and care for our visitors and employees. We have a full-time security guard and gate house, making everyone feel safe and secure. We work closely with the neighborhood to keep it safe and work on improvements. We are also members of the Little River Business District Board of Directors.

Stan Rudman, CMO and owner, Sportailor Inc.


The AmericanAirlines Arena is the largest sporting and events venue in the city, so safety and security for our guests and employees are our number one priority. We spend more on security annually than on any other department within my arena division. It’s that important to us. This includes routinely reviewing existing procedures and looking at new ways by which we can enhance them. In fact, in 2013, the arena won the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security’s Facility of Merit award for demonstrating an innovative approach to enhancing safety and security.

Kim Stone, general manager and EVP, AmericanAirlines Arena


Yes, we added a guard to branches that did not have a guard.

Teri Williams, president, CEO and a director, OneUnited Bank


Our office location seems secure with lobby staff, coded access, etc. We are going through building renovations which will enhance the level of security and technology when completed.

Bernard Zyscovich, founder and CEO of Zyscovich Architects



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