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Local skills instructor looking for clients? Check out this Miami-based startup

Gus Miranda is the owner of Anhinga Clay Studios next to Tropical Park in Westchester. A former teacher, he's now been teaching pottery for seven years (two full-time).

Miranda recently signed up for Skillied, a Miami-based startup whose platform helps local skills instructors like him attract clients. He signed up in February, and says he's sticking with it—it's helped him add new clients every month.

"I don’t have to do much work on my end," Miranda said. "They promote all the classes, so someone might see mine as they're looking for pottery classes."

Founded last year by Marcella McCarthy, a former Miami Herald freelancer, the platform now lists approximately 100 skills-based classes like pottery, cooking, and photography taught at small businesses or by local entrepreneurs. Skillied takes a fee that usually ranges between 15 and 20 percent for classes signed up for through its site.

"One of our goals with Skillied is to become a platform that offers teachers all the tools they need to build and grow a successful teaching business in Miami and later beyond," McCarthy said.

It does this by offering services like pricing information, data on most popular class times and lengths, and writing class descriptions.

Skillied just announced it has expanded to Broward, and hired a chief technology officer. Rob Dyson, formerly of online living will site Willing, is taking over as CTO.

Skillied is also partnering with local institutions to serve as class registration software platform. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables just signed up to promote and organize its art, photography, and horticulture classes. Skillied is in talks with other institutions about serving as a software provider.