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Need a qualified employee? This Miami tech program can guarantee you one

Lots of people need jobs—but these days, companies have just as a great a need to fill openings.

So Wyncode, the Miami-based coding boot camp and technology training academy, is creating a new program that trains new workers specifically for positions companies need to fill.

"The future of hiring will evolve into custom corporate training programs that work with candidates to prepare them to hit the ground running on the first day of work," Johanna Mikkola, CEO and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy, said in a release. "Wyncode's new Custom Cohorts strategy works directly with companies to create a tailored curriculum based off their needs and ultimately hire candidates to fulfill specific roles."

The first company that will directly hire out of the program is Liquid Consulting, a Lake Mary, Fla.-based company helping companies with automation. Right now, eight students are finishing a nine-week course with Wyncode, after which they are guaranteed jobs with Liquid doing work for a dairy client.

That program is already closed. But Wyncode's program will continue to have application windows on an ad-hoc basis as companies approach them with their needs.

"The custom curriculum and training provided by Wyncode not only helped us define exactly what we needed, but actually developed the perfect candidates from start to finish for our clients, ranging from industry leading suppliers to the food and beverage industry to top consumer brands," said Jonny Olsson, CEO at Liquid Consulting, in a statement.

Liquid is paying Wyncode $25,000 per trainee, or $200,000. Trainees must first pass a final exam before they are hired.

If you're interested in the program, contact Juha Mikkola at: