Want to get a Tinder date? It helps to have these jobs

Dating app Tinder has released the hottest jobs in Florida.
Dating app Tinder has released the hottest jobs in Florida. Bloomberg

Need a hot date? Try telling people you’re an engineer, architect or psychologist.

Popular dating app Tinder allows users to inform potential mates of what they do for a living. The company analyzed which jobs got the highest percentage of “right swipes.” (For those of you who prefer analog dating, swiping right on someone’s Tinder profile means you consider them a match.)

In Florida, Tinder found women who said they were psychologists, graphic designers, stylists, CEOs/entrepreneurs and architects got the most right swipes. For men, engineers, architects, pilots, journalists and paramedics did best.

Yes, journalists made the top five, despite long hours, low pay and a generally cranky demeanor. Don’t get your hopes up: The Miami Herald isn’t on Tinder . . . yet.

Tinder has also crunched the numbers on which universities will have you playing the field like an All American. For women, Florida State University and University of Miami finished first and second nationwide. University of Florida came in at number 19. No Florida schools made the top 20 for men. Sorry, fellas. But if you want to fib about where you went to college, it wouldn’t be the first time someone was less than truthful online.