Who are the region’s most visionary citizens? Share your nominations

We’ve come a long way.

November marks 35 years since the infamous Time magazine cover that declared Miami “Paradise Lost.” Now vacationers and businesspeople from around the globe stream to South Florida’s vibrant version of Paradise Found, a unique and optimistic place where good things always seem possible.

The transformation hasn’t been easy. And it hasn’t happened by accident. Both long-timers and newcomers have worked tirelessly to reinvent this place we call home.

To recognize them, we’ve created the Miami Herald South Florida Visionary Awards.

We need your help to see that the many deserving South Floridians are considered. We’re looking for individuals whose inventiveness and hard work have resulted in positive change in our South Florida community. They may be well known or working behind the scenes.

Please email us your nominations in the designated categories outlined here. In 150 words, please tell us about your nominee’s efforts (especially unusual or groundbreaking approaches) and the changes that have resulted. Be sure to include the nominees’ name and yours, how you know the nominee, and the cell numbers and emails for both nominator and nominee. Follow the form send it to

The deadline for nominations is midnight, March 30, 2016.

A panel of community and Miami Herald judges will review nominations and determine three finalists in each category. The judges’ scores will be combined with an online public vote (weighted at 25 percent of total score) to choose awardees.

The awards will be announced at a public event in early June; awardees will be profiled in the June 13 issue of Business Monday.

And (drumroll, please), the categories are:

▪ Business: A business owner, company executive or industry leader whose creative approach has/is resulting in growth in the local economy and/or jobs. This may include any type of business, large or small.

▪ Arts/culture: An individual whose efforts are positively affecting the arts or culture through his/her work or volunteer efforts.

▪ Architecture/design: An individual whose work in architecture, planning or design is making South Florida a more pleasant place to live and work.

▪ Real estate development: An individual whose approach to real estate development is improving the quality of life and community image. This may include residential or commercial development at the affordable or luxury levels, or education efforts related to development and its impacts.

South Florida Visionary Awards will honor locals whose inventive approaches and hard work have resulted in positive change.

▪ Civic leadership: An individual who is working to improve South Florida through volunteer civic activity.

▪ Philanthropy: An individual who is investing in South Florida’s positive future through not-for-profit leadership or gifts of time or money.

▪ Quality of life: An individual who is leading efforts through his or her work or volunteer efforts to improve the lives of everyday South Floridians and underserved populations in areas such as housing, affordability and transportation.

▪ Next generation: An individual under 40 years of age who is leading efforts to create a positive future for South Florida through his/her work or volunteer efforts.

▪ Education: An individual who is creating positive change in the areas of public, private or secondary education.

▪ Environment: An individual who is leading environmental preservation or awareness through his/her work or volunteer activities.

▪ Government: An individual who is an elected or employed member of local government who is leading positive change through his/her work.

13 The number of categories in the Miami Herald South Florida Visionary Awards.

▪ Healthcare: An individual who is pioneering positive change in healthcare through treatment, research, policy or business leadership of a healthcare company.

▪ 305 Award: An individual whose efforts have improved the region’s global image.


Please include the following information and send it via email to The deadline is midnight, March 30, 2016.

▪ Name of nominee:

▪ Category of nomination:

▪ Efforts and community impact (150 words):

▪ Nominee’s cell number and email:

▪ Nominator’s cell number and email:

▪ How you know the nominee: