Gimenez to Bezos: A ‘personal invitation’ to reconsider Miami for HQ2


In the wake of Amazon’s break-up with New York, Miami-Dade’s mayor made a new overture to the company chairman Friday to reconsider South Florida as a potential expansion site.

“I understand that Amazon has decided not to pursue an additional headquarters at this time,” wrote Mayor Carlos Gimenez to Jeff Bezos, Amazon chairman. “However, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to reopen the lines of communication because Miami, without a doubt, has the talent, technology and low taxes to serve Amazon’s needs. In short, we are confident that the diversity, dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and openness to partnership that drew Amazon to our community in the first place continue to be worthy of consideration,” he wrote.

“I would like to personally invite you and your team back to our community to discuss how Amazon and Miami can continue to grow together,” the letter continues.

Amazon announced in January that northern Virginia and the New York borough of Queens would each get part of its coveted HQ2 second headquarters. Thursday, its short romance with New York was severed after locals decried a tax-incentive deal with the online retail giant. Amazon had promised New York 25,000 jobs, with state officials projecting increased revenues of $27 billion, in exchange for an approximately $3 billion incentive package from state and local governments.

Amazon has said it doesn’t intend to reopen the search for a new HQ2 location at this time but will move forward with plans to open new offices in Northern Virginia and Nashville.

Gimenez could not immediately be reached to comment on why he decided to send the letter.