Report: Car insurance in Miami is the third highest in the nation

Ever wonder how the cost of car insurance in South Florida stacks up to the rest of the country?

The Miami area has the third highest car insurance premiums among the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, according to

The high rates relate to our hurricane risk, the fact that so many high-end cars fill the roads, and congestion, which leads to a higher likelihood of accidents, said Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst at

The report, released Thursday, showed that Metro Detroit ranks as the most expensive area, with drivers paying 165 percent more than the national average for car insurance. New York City drivers pay 36 percent more than the national average; Miami, 34 percent more; and Los Angeles, 25 percent more than the national average, said.

Charlotte-area residents have the cheapest average car insurance premiums, at 43 percent less than the national average. Cleveland and Pittsburgh are the second and third-least expensive metropolitan areas, respectively, according to