From the publisher: New digital subscription plan for Miami Herald

Dear Miami Herald reader:

During the past two years, newspapers around the country have introduced paid subscriptions for access to their websites and apps. Beginning Dec. 18, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald will do so as well, launching digital subscription packages for its websites, apps and digital editions.

We have transformed our business, developing the resources and agility to deliver news around the clock, on smart phones, tablets, e-readers and social media channels. The new digital subscription options will allow us to continue to address today’s 24/7 news cycle and readers’ fast-paced lifestyles.

Under the new Plus+ program, digital readers who use the websites frequently and are not Miami Herald or El Nuevo Herald subscribers will be asked to subscribe. Readers can choose from several subscription options that allow complete access to and, news alerts, digital newspapers/e-editions and news and sports smart phone apps. Introductory pricing starts at 99 cents per month. Print subscribers will continue to have free digital access until their current subscription renews.

While this program represents a new direction for the Miami Herald Media Company, we are confident it will allow us to provide high-quality news and information the way our readers want it, and help keep us a dynamic force in the South Florida media landscape.

In fact, The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald combined reach 1.5 million adults in our market every week that read our content in print and online. We continue to offer the largest local media reach in South Florida — our products touch the lives of 52 percent of all the adults in our core market.(*)

The Miami Herald Media Company will continue its 109-year legacy, providing the great journalism you have come to expect from a media company that has won 20 Pulitzer Prizes.

Thank you for reading The Miami Herald. Your loyalty and trust are the reasons we do what we do every day. You can count on The Miami Herald Media Company serving you as readers for many years to come.

For more information about the Plus+ digital subscription program, please visit

David Landsberg

President/Publisher The Miami Herald

(*) South Florida is defined as Miami-Fort Lauderdale DMA

Source: Scarborough Rel. 1, 2012; ABC Fas-Fax, September 2012