Purse used to smack school board gunman sold for $13,100

The now-famous purse that a Panhandle school board member used to smack gunman Clay Duke sold on the auction site eBay for $13,100, according to the Florida television station that organized the event in order to raise money for charity.

The winning bid for the fake crocodile leather purse came from an unidentified man in Alexandria, Va.

Shortly after the top bid was confirmed Wednesday night, the amount of money raised for charity doubled when Brahmin, the New England hand bag company, announced it would match the winning bid, WJHG reported.

In a statement, Brahmin said it wanted to recognize the "tremendous courage" of Bay County School Board member Ginger Littleton "in taking action to stand up for others while risking her own life."

"That's just amazing," Little told the Walton Sun newspaper. "I am thrilled to death that the purse will have another life and will do some good in the community."

Proceeds from the auction and Brahmin donation will go to Salvage Santa, a charity started by the school board security guard, Mike Jones, that restores old bicycles and gives them to Florida Panhandle children during the holidays.

Jones is the person who shot and wounded Duke earlier this month after Duke pulled a gun and threatened officials during a school board meeting.

Duke had allowed some people to leave the meeting, including Littleton, who eventually crept up on him from behind and swung her purse in an attempt to dislodge the gun from his hand.

Duke, later wounded by a shot from security guard Jones, eventually shot and killed himself. He earlier told school board officials he was upset that his wife had been fired from the school district.