Bottles of hydrogen peroxide that can burst into flames are recalled

This bottle can burst and cause a fire.
This bottle can burst and cause a fire.

Among the many things not expected from a sitting bottle of water treatment: bursting open and causing a fire.

That risk has caused Nutrilife to recall 15,300 gallon bottles of 29 percent hydrogen peroxide.

The bottles have a cap problem. According to the recall notice, the caps don’t vent properly. This allows a pressure build-up in the bottle causing “it to expand and rupture, posing fire and burn hazards.” Nutrilife says there’s been one report of a fire, which caused “minor property damage.”

Hydrogen peroxide is used for several functions including preserving fresh cut flowers.

Consumers should contact Nutrilife for replacement caps, safe handling and disposal of the bottles or a refund at 877-533-9572; 604-996-6609; 250-300-9455 or by email at

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