It’s unclear where the listeria came from. It’s also unclear where the cheese came from.

The manufacturer of one of the cheeses recalled by a Miami-Dade company this week over listeria concerns said there’s no listeria problems on his end.

And the cheese the distributor has labeled as being from Nicaragua definitely isn’t from Nicaragua. It’s from Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, Northwest Miami-Dade-based Global Garlic announced a recall of 227 pounds of its De Mi Pais Queso Fresco, which its packaging claims Nicaragua as “country of origin.” Global’s Tatyana Aleman said Thursday Global bought the cheese from Doral-based Unik Foods and investigators hadn’t determined where the listeria problem occurred.

Unik Foods manager Mauricio Lavie acknowledged his company sold the Queso Fresco to Global. He said after being notified by the Department of Agriculture, his company tested the surplus remaining at their Wisconsin plant and found no listeria.

Asked if he imported the cheese from Nicaragua to their Wisconsin plant, Lavie said, “No way do I sell anything but domestic — Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. That white cheese is from Wisconsin.”

When e-mailed the product photos included with the recall alert, Lavie e-mailed back, “if they’re putting our cheese in that bag, [it] definitely is not from Nicaragua.”

Queso fresco 2
David Neal

In an e-mail to the Miami Herald, the FDA stated, “The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [FD&C Act] and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act are the Federal laws governing food products under FDA’s jurisdiction. Under the law, food labels are required to be truthful and not misleading.”

Global Garlic didn’t return two subsequent phone calls from the Herald.

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