Nearly a million homes in Florida at risk of storm surge damage, data shows

With Hurricane Matthew threatening to bring storm surge to Florida’s coast, how many homes and businesses are in harm’s way?

More than 954,000 homes are at risk of storm surge along the cost of Florida, representing a value of $189 billion, if Hurricane Matthew remains a Category 4 storm, according to data released Thursday by CoreLogic, a global property information and analytics firm.

The data showed potential exposure to residential property damage from hurricane-driven storm surge flooding as Hurricane Matthew threatens the U.S. Atlantic Coast. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area would be most at risk, with 576,000 homes valued at $107 billion, according to the data.

Florida represents two thirds of the exposure risk along the Southeastern U.S., the data found. The CoreLogic analysis measures exposure to damage from storm surge and does not include potential damage from wind and rain associated with hurricanes.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor’s data showed that in Florida, there are more than 127,000 business establishments, employing more than 1.4 million people within the storm’s potential flood zones.