Catch of the day: Boy's first fish is hit on YouTube

Forget "Finding Nemo." Watch a 3-year-old boy find "Free."

A recent YouTube hit, showing a Canadian boy's first big catch, aggregated 257,784 views in six days.

"I got one! A fizzy," says Teddy, referring to the Redear Sunfish, he caught.

Teddy's hesitation to touch his new yellow-green discovery is a warming moment of cuteness. Before releasing the freshwater fish, also known as Shellcracker, he named it "Free."

"He is a nice fizzy. He is beautiful," said Teddy.

Teddy's father has been publishing Teddy's adventures on the BabyTedster channel since February. He uploaded the "Funny Boy Fishing Catches His First FISH!" video on May 29th.

"I was really happy to capture Teddy' first fish catch on video," said Teddy's father Mike Thorne in an e-mail. "This might just be the cutest video that you’ll see today."