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Jillian Mayer - performance artist

Jillian Mayer - photo by Anthony Spinello
Jillian Mayer - photo by Anthony Spinello

Jillian Mayer

Performance Artist

Age: 27

Hometown: Miami, Fla.



Has 10 years of Art Basel in Miami made it easier or harder for you as an artist to get your work out there and your talents recognized?

It’s made it easier because there’s more attention on this city and there’s more investment in the arts. I hope that some of the other arts are able to feel that as well. There’s a lot of focus on visual arts here and it’s a good time to be a young artist living in Miami.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot of things around me in my day to day life – Internet, television, communication in general, promotional items/goods, call and response, personification of inanimate objects.


What mediums do you work in?

Video and installation, performance art


How old were you when you started painting?

I have a memory of collecting nickels for a show at my grandparents house when I was five.


What motivated you?

I was the youngest child, so maybe at that point it may have been attention, more than that. When you’re a creative person and you don’t know about labels, you’re just having fun and indulging your thoughts. You don’t have that self-limiting quality that you’ll learn later on.


In the past five years, what is a positive change you’ve seen around town?

It seems like there are a lot more opportunities for artists to take over spaces. Benefactors are taking these risks.


Tell us something about yourself that no one would expect?

I’m starting a band, Post Mortem. It’s a collaborative. I’m also a succulent gardener.


Do you have any famous relatives?

My godmother’s cousin is Judge Judy

What painters or artists excite you?

Olaf Breuning and Cory Arcangel


What do you do for fun?

I like to climb on things, mainly trees. I’m an aerial acrobat.


Where do you like to eat?

Harry’s Pizza (slow-roasted pork pizza is her favorite)


Where do you like to drink?