Things To Do

Rodeo Daytrip

In case you didn’t know, South Florida is home to a rodeo ground – and, is the host of the Southeastern Circuit Pro Rodeo Finals. We’ll assume that this is a big deal, as I am sure most of us know nothing about the rodeo. Which just means that it gives us the opportunity to learn something new, and visit a place in South Florida most of us have never been to. Check the Pro Rodeo Schedule here and plan a date with friends, giving everyone an excuse to don their signature cowboy/girl hat and boots – but let’s leave the Wranglers to the locals.

2 p.m. Tom Jenkins’ Bar-B-Q

1236 South Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale


Cost: $15

Tom Jenkins’ is on the way to Davie (it’s actually located in Fort Lauderdale, but it feels like it’s in Davie). It’s known for having the best Bar-B-Q in South Florida, so it’s a must for this itinerary. What better way to get into the cowboy-state-of-mind then to eat and smell like BBQ? The food it great (think baby back ribs (or fried catfish) baked beans, mac’ and cheese, corn bread and corn on the cob) and the atmosphere feels like you’re under tented picnic at a county fair. It’s a good reminder that, with cooking like this, Florida actually can be considered part of the South.

8 p.m. Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

4271 Davie Road, Davie


: $20

I bet most of you can never say you’ve been to a Rodeo – but now you can! Be ready to enter a foreign land. A land full of Wranglers, boots, accents, ‘yee-haws,’ and randomly enough, sequins. The rodeo grounds have everything a cowboy could ever want: a beer tent, cotton candy, a mechanical bull, and even tractors. You do your rounds in the little market, score yourself a beer, and then sit in the bleachers and wait for the bright lights to come on and the show to start.

This is a true Wild West sporting event. Man against animal. Designed to test the speed and skill of the cowboy versus the nature of the beast. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll probably do what I did, and root for the beasts. Caution: this may cause dirty looks from around the arena, but its just makes the game more interesting. This sport already has more aspects of pageantry and theater unlike any other professional sport; not to mention the people watching. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  

10 p.m. Round Up Country Western Nightclub & Restaurant

9020 West State Road 84, Davie 


Cost: $20-$30

You can’t just go home after a rodeo. Especially not when you don your go-to cowgirl hat. It just wouldn’t be right. The hat must make appearances! And, in Davie, the place to go is the Round Up. This place is pretty spectacular. Besides having amazing drink prices, the whole aura makes it feel like you’re outside at a county fair just a-waitin’ for a cowboy to ask you to dance. But while it can be fun to just watch people do the choreographed dances, it’s even more fun to try them. So, make those boots work, and just think, at least you’re saving a horse…