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Downtown Miami Daytrip

When you get bored of your regular gym routine, consider a more daring task – try flying. The Flying Trapeze School will teach you, in two hours, how to go from just jaw-drop-staring to actually performing in the air. An added bonus? It’s downtown, which is easily accessible, and probably not somewhere you normally go on a weekend – which makes it that much more adventurous.

Here’s your itinerary:


1 p.m. First & First Southern Baking Company

109 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33132


Cost: $10-$15  plus Metromover or Street Parking

If you’re like most Miamians, you’re hung over on any given weekend morning. So, sleep it off and then wake up with some coffee and brunch at First & First Southern Baking Company. And I know it may be hard to resist, but don’t overdo it here. You are about to fly. I wouldn’t push it. However, I wouldn’t leave without at least one pastry in hand. If you can even wait until you’re out the door.

2 p.m. Stroll Downtown


Downtown has a lot to offer. If you can spare the time, go and visit the Miami Art Museum – they just broke ground on their new Museum Park, so visit it’s current home while you still have the chance! In the same complex, you can also find the main branch of the Miami Library, History Miami and an art collective called Flagler Art Space.

4 p.m.  Flying Trapeze School

Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami


Cost: $40

You’ll want to be at your lesson at least 15 minutes early so you can fill out the necessary paperwork – and get used to the idea. And then, let the fun begin. The instructors are awesome and complete bad-asses. They’ll probably show off some of their tricks while the students fill out paperwork. And it’s worth the viewing. This is a no frills activity. It is purely athletic. Actually, the founders, Mabel Rilling and Granville Johnson were both faculty members at the University of Denver in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics. And they took their job very seriously. Seriously enough to risk their lives in inventing what they considered the pinnacle of athleticism. In the 1800’s!

The first lesson you’ll be taught is to listen. Ah, such a great lesson to learn. But in this sport, it’s truly an asset. Most of what you can accomplish in Flying Trapeze is based on timing. So, if you listen to the professional, you’ll stick it almost every time.

The rest of the lessons are taught by practice. And the walk up the ladder to get to that practice is a scary one. And then hanging over a ledge while holding onto a heavier-than-I-would-have-ever-thought bar that swings waiting for someone to tell you to ‘jump’ makes you queasy. But then you do it. You jump. And you swing. And you can see the bay in the distance, feel yourself tearing through the ocean breeze – and you think: ‘ohmigod, I’m doing this;’ and it’s amazing. And then the professional tells you to do a back flip off of the bar, and you’re like ‘oh hell no’ and you face-plant into the net instead. But then you see a 6 year-old in your class do it. And the next time, it’s a breeze.

After two hours of your first-ever Flying Trapeze Class, you’ll swing, manage flip yourself upside-down on the bar, and have a professional catch you and swing in tandem. Honestly. When you think about how you couldn’t finish even 5 pull-ups during your personal training workout last week – you begin to feel really accomplished after this class. Who needs the gym when you can fly every day? You may have bruises on the insides of your knees after – but those are just the equivalent of battle wounds. No pain, no gain. You were just in it to win it. Good work.


6:30 p.m. Garcia’s Seafood Grille and Fish Market

398 NW North River Drive, Miami


Cost: $15-$30


Nothing screams ‘I’m amazing and just trapezed like a professional’ then celebrating with stone crabs and beer. It just feels right. So, head up Flagler to the River and meet Garcia’s. It’s a fish market and restaurant. And if you can get a seat outside, overlooking the river, you’ve just about had the best day ever. Watch the sun set, enjoy a cold one, and reminisce about that one time you ruled at trapeze.

8 p.m. DRB

255 NE 14th Street, Miami


Cost: $5-$12

If you just can’t go home yet, head to DBR. They have one of the best blueberry beers, and about a hundred others for you to try. A great place to sit, drink and just chill – after a day of flying.