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Implant advice is deceiving

Q. I consulted with my mothers plastic surgeon because I am interested in having breast augmentation. I am 18. When I asked him what type of implant I should have, he said that if I want it to feel natural, I should get silicone. My mother asked him if it was OK at my age and he told her that I probably had some scoliosis and that would make it legal. I have never been told I had scoliosis. I am uncomfortable; what do you think?

You have reason to feel uncomfortable. If this surgeon or any surgeon is willing to lie in order to get around FDA rules, think how he’ll treat you if anything goes wrong. Silicone gel-filled implants are indicated for females who are at least 22, as well as for revision surgery to correct or improve the results of a primary breast augmentation surgery. They are also indicated for breast reconstruction that includes cancer, trauma or severe breast abnormality from improper development. While the natural feel of a silicone implant is alluring, the maintenance may not be. It is recommended that once you have a silicone gel-filled implant you get a breast MRI about once every two years to make sure that there are no micro perforations in the shell. The cost of the MRIs over the lifetime of the implant along with the cost of the initial implant makes the cost of silicone implants much higher than saline implants. While this is not the only reason to think twice, ask your doctor lots of questions to determine if what you’re getting is really what you need.