Things To Do

Luxset Launches

Mama’s always been good to you.

So send her something great this Sunday.

Like, a chichi flower arrangement from Pistils & Petals.

Split the cost with your siblings thanks to Miami-based

The deal? Consider Luxset as an online marketplace where friends and family can find a variety of fabu things-to-do and items and divvy up the cost online — a website first, really.

Just in time for Mother’s Day Luxset is offering four signature Pistils & Petals floral arrangements that’ll really wow mom and lessen in-house bickering between siblings.  

Yep, join forces with your kin (or other well-wishers) and share the cost online for the awesome blossoms. Prices for floral arrangements can be divided in teams of two, three, or four people through Luxset, so there’s no need to collect from your little brother.

Because let’s face it, he never pays up when he should — even if he is mom’s favorite.