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Save the date: Palmetto Bay

The Falls Shopping Center. Photo: Allison Diaz.
The Falls Shopping Center. Photo: Allison Diaz.

It may just be a village, but Palmetto Bay offers myriad places to enjoy outdoor activities in the Miami sun. It’s a fantastic place to spend a second or third date getting to know someone while enjoying the nature of Miami.

Start your date with brunch at Lots of Lox, a comfortable deli with every type of dish you could possibly be craving. Choose from bagels, omlettes, pancakes, waffles, cereals, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads and more. Make sure you eat enough carbs to hold you over until dinner, because you have an activity-filled afternoon waiting.

Make your way down to the heart of the village, Coral Reef Park. Covering more than 50 acres, the park offers a legion of activities. Challenge your date to a game of raquetball, basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee, tennis or volleyball in the parks’ various state-of-the-art courts and open fields. Ride your bikes on the mazes of paths both on the perimeter and in the interior of the park. Meander over the tranquil canal on the orange curving bridge, a newly built Palmetto Bay landmark. Go kayaking through the canal or feed local ducks that inhabit the area.

After an afternoon of activity, you and your date are sure to be ready for a relaxing dinner. Make your way over to one of the largest open-air complexes in the U.S., The Falls Shopping Center off 136 Street and US1. Sit outside at Cafe Med for a candlelit dinner and enjoy live music and entertainment. Skip dessert and stroll through the mall towards the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. On your way there, admire the mall’s fountains, small waterfalls, beautiful foliage, lovely landscapes and chic shops. Once in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, end your date by allowing your sweet tooth to take charge with various types of fudges, truffles, chocolate and caramel covered apples and non-chocolate candies.

After a day spent in the Village of Palmetto Bay, you’ll be sure to feel elated — whether it be from your date, the exercise, the chocolate or the endorphine overload from a combination of all three.

Published: 7/08