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Band of the hour: Reginald Policard

Reginald Policard.
Reginald Policard.

Local jazz artist and esteemed pianist Reginald Policard describes his music as having a truly unique sound. “My music has a lot of feeling in it. When you listen to my music, you can feel who is playing it because it can be described as a combination of many cultures. I listen to all kinds of music from all different places and I like to be everybody in my own music. My music speaks to everybody,” says Policard.

Policard was born in Haiti and was first introduced to music at the age of 10. After integrating a band called the Sugar Jazz in 1969, Policard co-founded the famous Caribbean Sextet, which dominated the music scene in Haiti for several decades. However, for the past 10 years, Policard has been traveling the world performing as a solo artist. He is currently working on his 11th solo album. Policard’s album Vinn Avem (Come with me) was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 1994. Still, Policard regards performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 1996 as the most rewarding achievement in his career thus far. “It was very important to me because it took many years of work trying to spread my music on an international level. I was very flattered and very honored.”

Chick Corea, Bill Evans and Carlos Jobim are three of his many musical influences. Policard hopes that the unique identity of his music is able to inspire his fans to discover new things. “I’m always trying to reach out to people and get their attention. Through my music, I’m having a conversation with them. I want them to discover new realizations, new messages, new harmonies, new melodies, new everything.”

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Published: 7/08