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Don’t let just anyone inject you

Q. I am confused. I have been told by a lot of my friends to have their doctor inject me with either Botox or Dysport because their doctor is cheaper. They say that it really doesnt matter who injects you! What is your recommendation?

If you have been reading my column, you probably know that I would have a few choice words for your friends, and my editor would definitely edit them out! As urologist, gynecologist and proctologists have gotten to be experts on the art of cosmetic enhancement, prices for Botox and Dyport have decreased. The reason behind this sudden change of specialty training is that every doctor wants to get into the field of cash-paying patients. They develop their expertise during a six- to eight-hour exhaustive weekend course and become experts. Companies that make money selling machines to these newly endowed physicians tout that their machines dont need expert training (how true!). These same companies then hire PR companies to sell their wares on the airwaves and suddenly you have experts with machines. It doesnt take a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon and a dermatologist seven to 10 years to become an expert because they are dummies! They know what they are doing after learning their art over a protracted period of training.Ask your doctor or injector these questions before you have anyone inject your precious face: 1. What type of doctor are you? 2. How did you train? 3. How long did you train?