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Not too young for Botox

Q. Im hoping you can help me. Im a 24-year-old girl and have deep frown lines in my mid-forehead (I think they call them the elevens). I have been asking friends if I should do Botox or Dysport and I have been getting mixed signals. Some people think Im crazy and some people tell me you go girl. What do you think?

You go girl, with parentheses. While the majority of my patients are in their mid-40s and older, I have a fair amount of patients your age. Very often I see young patients with very active forehead muscles (and therefore wrinkles), which really bother them. Botox and Dysport, if used properly, are an effective treatment for those annoying wrinkles. One problem I often have with reputable doctors is when they encourage young patients to have Botox or Dysport in order to

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wrinkles. Let me ask you a question: Would you buy a new car just in case your present car breaks down? Need I say more? The use of Botox and Dysport is an excellent way to improve your looks when done by well-trained, honest physicians.