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Official Ultra After-Party Featuring The Disco Biscuits At Grand Central

What started off as a rumor of an unnamed Disco Biscuits side project playing a late-night set after Ultra Music Festival has evolved into a full-blown Disco Biscuits concert at Grand Central.

Originally, Def Owl intended to feature Tractorbeam, an instrumental version of the Disco Biscuits, for an after-party on the final night of Ultra. But when Ultra promoters asked the band if they were interested in turning the Tractorbeam show into the official Ultra after-party featuring The Disco Biscuits, the band not only accepted, they tacked on a SECOND SET!

According to The Disco Biscuits, Ultra sold out so quickly the promoters decided to join up with Def Owl and The Disco Biscuits to help promote the concert. Thus what was once Tractorbeam live became Ultra Carryon: The Disco Biscuits at Grand Central.

This pretty much makes Grand Central THE place to be when Ultra lets out on Sunday. And what better way to close Ultra weekend than with a double-shot of late-night Biscuit madness?

The show will also feature Terence Tabeau and Edwin Adams.

Tickets are available online for $20. They’re $25 at the door. Just try not to lose your mind—or at least try to remember where you leave it.