Things To Do

Opening this week


The Book of Eli (R) – From brothers Allen and Albert Hughes (From Hell, Menace II Society), Denzel Washington stars in this dystopian adventure as a man wandering the planet in post-apocalyptic disarray and possibly holding the key to mankind’s future. With a nod to the classic Mad Max, the film opnes in theaters January 15 and co-stars Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals, and Mila Kunis as fellow survivors. Trailer 

The Spy Next Door (PG) – In an action–comedy the whole family can enjoy, Jackie Chan gives up his exciting and dangerous life as a super spy to settle down with his girlfriend (Amber Valletta). But first, he must contend with her three children. Trailer

The Lovely Bones (PG-13) – Delayed from Christmas, this much-awaited rendition of Alice Sebold’s novel, brought to you by director Peter Jackson, hits theaters January 15. The ghost of a murdered little girl (Saoirse Ronan) observes from heaven as her parents (Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz) try to capture her killer (Stanley Tucci). Trailer

The Messenger (R) – Ben Forster and Woody Harrelson are officers of the U.S. Amry Casualty Notification service, who notify the families of soldiers lost in battle. A recently widowed woman (Samantha Morton), as she learns of her husband’s death finds herself attracted to one of the messengers. Trailer


Miami Beach Cinematheque

 “Steamy Tennessee”

A retrospective of the work of Tennessee Willaims every Thursday for the month of January 

1.14 Thursday 

The Rose Tattoo, Thursday at 8:30pm

Based in the Mississippi Gulf, this is Tennessee William’s most love-torn story, filled with lust, betrayal, loss and jealousy. The story is of domineering widow, Serafina Delle Rose, whose newly budding daughter is lured into her twisted web of drama and deceit. Trailer

 “Argentina’s Auteur: Lucrecia Martel”

Miami’s theatrical premier of Argentina’s award winning filmmaker, Lucrecia Martel.

1.16 Saturday

La Cienaga 7pm

A bold view of Argentina’s decadent bourgeoisie, during the hot, humid summer time a middle-aged woman and her husband escape to a country estate, whose appeal is questionable. 

The Headless Woman 9pm

In this enigmatic tale, one woman attempts to piece together her hazy memories to figure out if she killed someone or something while driving down a dirt road. Trailer

1.17 Sunday

The Holy Girl 7pm

In this ethereal and sultry piece, teenager Amalia (Maria Alche) sets out to save the soul of a creepy middle-aged man who inappropriately brushed against her on the street. Trailer

The Headless Woman 9pm

In this enigmatic tale, one woman attempts to piece together her hazy memories to figure out if she killed someone or something while driving down a dirt road the night before. Trailer


Cinema Paradiso Wednesday 1.13 – Saturday 1.17

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The mysterious leader of a traveling show, Parnassus (Christopher Plummer), has a debt to pay. Years ago, he traded the soul of his daughter to the devil to become immortal. Now the devil is back to collect his prize. To save his daughter, Valentina, Parnassus must collect five souls and enlists the help of Tony (Heath Ledger) to do so.  Trailer


Repo! The Genetic Opera

In this gory, comedic, horror show an epidemic of organ failures has swept the planet. As a remedy to the tragedy, a multi-billion dollar biotech company, GeneCo, provides organ transplantation for profit. But when some can’t keep up with their organ payments, GeneCo. contracts a team of skilled assassins to repossess their property by any means necessary. Trailer