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Rave Review: Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle.
Amazon Kindle.

I did it, people. This self-professed bibliophile cracked under the pressure and bought herself an Amazon Kindle. For me in particular, clicking “purchase” for this gadget caused me much strife for the following reasons:

I LOVE books. Aside from the stories they tell, there’s something to be said for their gorgeous covers, font choices, size, feel, paper quality, author biographies, imagery — even their smell. Like a Grammy-award winning artist, I display my books like trophies atop shelves lining the top of my home office. Each book’s spine reminds of a memory — sometimes I’m transported back to Cape May, N.J. where I recently read South of Broad and other times I’m conveyed to elementary school by catching a glimpse of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.

In a nutshell, I’m nuts for my books. So when the Kindle came along, I was reluctant. I was scared. Purchasing my Kindle felt like a bad break up. But like all break ups, I got over it. Quickly. Here’s why:

BOOKS IN 60 SECONDS: Yep, no need to schlep to the closest bookstore for the latest New York Times best seller. I can now have it zapped to my Kindle in less than a minute with its 3G wireless capabilities — and there’s even global wireless. And that means there’s no hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

IT’S SKINNY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Like Miami’s underfed models, the Kindle is slim and lithe. Just over 1/3 of an inch, it’s as thin as a magazine and weighs 10.2 ounces. What’s that mean for Kindle folk? I find it’s easier to snuggle up with my Kindle instead of a bulky 600-page novel. Sorry, Harry Potter.

EASY ON THE EYES: The Kindle reads like real paper and you can even choose the font size. And there’s no glare in the bright Miami sun. Genius.

IT’S GREEN: No trees were chopped down in reading your Kindle book. Pat yourself on the back, my greenie friend.

HOLDS THOUSANDS OF BOOK: Seize 1,500 books in the palm of your. And there are over 390,000 books to choose from. How sick is that?

SAY WHAT?: Reading a book and come across a word you don’t understand? Simply click on the word and your Kindle’s built-in dictionary will tell you what it means. Logophiles like me love this tidbit.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: While the 6-inch Kindle costs $259, New York Times Best Sellers and new releases are $9.99 each. There are also free book samples where you can download and read first chapters before choosing to buy.

ANONYMITY: Perhaps my favorite reason — I can now read a cheesy romance, say Kiss Me Deadly, without feeling judged by onlookers. Priceless.