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Miami native Jesp, born Joseph Espinoza, created his first self described “minimal dance track” on a keyboard in his bedroom at the age of 13. He and his mom thought it was pretty cool. Eventually he lost the tape and the keyboard but held on dearly to his love for making music. His moniker even comes from a default abbreviation of his name assigned to him while using music sequencing software. In effect, his persona quite literally reflects the music that he has been creating since his early teenage years.

Harboring a strong desire to raise the bar for what is considered the standard in American danceable music, Jesp gels indie production with pop-loving mainstream audiences. Formerly a member of cult local band Outereach, his simple mission of making people like music more and challenging their senses in inconspicuous and unobtrusive ways is weaved delicately between the positive messages in his songs.

Stated simply he brings modern production and songwriting normally found in experimental/indie music and presents it in a pop format to a mainstream audiences. His most recent album, “Heart Rhythm” reflects his passion for the sounds of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel and the explosion of grunge and alternative rock from the 90’s.

Momentum is building with a tour along the east coast (New York City, Atlanta and Orlando included), multiple remixes and just having wrapped a music video shoot for his single “Rising Sun.” Directed by Fro Rojas, the video showcases Jesp’s skills along with that of local artists, fashion designers, and other folks transforming the local scene. When thinking about the importance of being a creative type in this sultry city, Jesp matter of factly claims, “I love Miami. I am from Miami. I take from Miami. I represent Miami to the rest of the world as a performing artist.”


JESP will perform at 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 21, 2009 at White Room, 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami; (305) 995-5050.Visit his MySpace at