Things To Do

Surviving Calle Ocho

By Aurora Rodriguez

Before you hit the street party, make sure you are ready to enjoy the fun.

Slather on the SPF: Don’t let the cool spring weather fool you. Calle Ocho can get hot, and once you’re surrounded by thousands of party-goers underneath the bright Miami sunshine it’s easy to get sunburned. Slather on some SPF 15 and bring a trial size with you to tuck in your bag for quick touch ups.

Grab a map: Performance times are subject to change without notice and are usually not known until the day of the festival. Make sure you pass by designated Calle Ocho information booths or scout the crowd for workers handing out a map which will give you information on where the top booths are located for family fun and entertainment.

Don’t panic: If you’ve been to other crowded festivals such as Mardi Gras, you know room to wiggle in can get scarce. Make sure you and your party designate a meetup time and place in case any of you gets lost. It’s quite easy to lose each other when you’re braving the packed crowds, which can get claustrophic at peak times towards the end of the day.

Drink plenty of water: While the stands offering affordable beer can be tempting, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’ve had one too many brews. Make sure to pack a cold bottle of water in your bag or purse which you can sip on, since lines to buy beverages can get long and hard to deal with. Make sure to bring more than one if you know you’re prone to getting thirsty under the hot sun.

Wear comforable clothing: Leave your heels, cocktail dresses and fancy slacks at home. At the event, it’s important that you move quick to snag good spots to watch shows and to keep yourself together with your party. Shorts, t-shirts, breezy dresses, and sneakers are best.