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Band of the hour: Radioboxer


What do you get when combine the influences of bands like Modest Mouse, Aterciopelados, and Pink Floyd? The answer is Radioboxer, a feisty new group from Miami. With a moniker that describes their inclination to spar against the mainstream for space on crowded radio waves, this unsigned indie-alt rock band’s persistence in boxing their way to the top is starting to pay off.

“Everybody knows that we are in a ‘clubbing city,’ so it’s hard to compete as a live rock band; however, it’s not impossible and [we offer] friends and other people with similar mentalities another option,” said lead vocalist Vanne. “That’s why we go berserk during our shows. If people make the effort to drive and spend their hard-earned money, they deserve our sweat and blood.”

Last year, band mates Vanne, J Dazza (bass/guitar), Santos (bass/guitar) remained together after the split of their former band Falaz and added Esteban (guitar), Gian (keyboards/guitar) and Tequila 23 (drums) to the lineup. Their debut CD, Radio Drama, released in November, has already garnered a significant following and is a self-described explosion of dramatic sounds fusing punk, electronic, Latin rhythms and folk with a nostalgic European sound. Their hits, from the fast-paced “Placebo Effect” to the anguished melancholy sounds of “Radio Broke My Heart,” showcase the band’s wide range of styles and sounds.

“[We plan to] promote Radio Drama, record our music videos, play as many shows as we can in Florida, tour in California and New York… start recording our next album and keep it real, ” said J Dazza of the groups myriad future plans. He continued with a mischievous air, “Just kidding, we’ll keep it magical.”

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Published: 1/09

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