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Boutique of the week: Intimacy

Susan Nethero is owner of the Intimacy Boutique in the Aventura Mall. Photo: Donna E. Natale Planas.
Susan Nethero is owner of the Intimacy Boutique in the Aventura Mall. Photo: Donna E. Natale Planas.

You have enough bras to dress the entire Women’s Fan Club of the Grateful Dead. Yet the same four – back-fat-black, not-so-naughty-nude, stretched-out-strapless and get-laid-lacy – continue to appear in the starting lineup year after year.

After confessing to improper treatment of your assets, toss your unflattering bra wardrobe and surrender those tatas to the bra fit stylists at Intimacy. The Atlanta transplant brings its expertise and Southern hospitality to Miami, opening its first Florida outpost in Aventura Mall. The 3,000-square-foot space embodies the style of a glamorous powder room with the comfort of a girlfriend’s bedroom.

The fun begins when the sweet and knowledgeable personnel escort you to the fitting room for a 30-minute free consultation. What sounds like the beginning of a weird dream (“I was standing their topless and this lady begins to feel me up.”) is surprisingly not awkward at all, thanks to the professional staff. Founder Susan Nethero — who studied under the Queen of England’s Royal bra fitter — trains each employee to use a holistic approach to bra fitting, sans measuring tapes. A few gentle touches and a quick glance at your bust, back size and body type gets you a diagnosis along with a few insightful tips. “We aspire to train not just great sales people but informed teachers as well,” says Nethero. Years of bra mishaps are set straight, shedding light on common problems like falling straps, back fat and under-filling or over-filling cups. (Insider Tip: It’s all in the back band, which provides 90 percent of the support. Too much slack causes the bra to rise up, causing saggy boobs, back fat and straps to fall.)

After a quick bra-fitting 101 session, you’ll be presented with a variety of styles and brands that’ll have your bazooms perky and fulfilled in no time. On the roster of mostly European brands, you’ll find sought-after lines like Chantelle, Prima Donna, La Breeza and Aubade. With over 90 different sizes, you’re sure to find a perfect fit, and if you don’t, Intimacy will alter any purchase for free. Also available are cup-sized swimsuits, comfy sleepwear and non-bouncing sport bras. Schedule an appointment via to avoid the crowds.

An up-lifting experience guaranteed.

Intimacy, Aventura Mall, 19501 Biscayne Blvd, 786-629-9229

Published: 6/08