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Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova. Photo: Mark Mainz.
Karolina Kurkova. Photo: Mark Mainz.

By Madeleine Marr

Forget L.A.; Miami’s the City of Angels. The Victoria’s Secret kind.

This year’s Angels – the brand’s moniker for its most visible spokeswomen – will come to town this fall to parade in the retailer’s always popular annual fashion show. It moves from Los Angeles’ Kodak Theater to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach on Nov. 15.

Models include Project Runway’s Heidi Klum, Maxim magazine’s ”Hottest Woman in the World” Marisa Miller, Caymanian cutie Selita Ebanks and Czech bombshell Karolina Kurkova.

We’d love to grab ’em all – and we’ll try. But Kurkova – who graced the cover of Vogue at just 16 and is one of the only beauties who has worn the multimillion-dollar diamond ”Fantasy” bra – was able to squeeze in a few minutes. We weren’t surprised: The 24-year-old lived up to her reputation of being not only accessible but super sweet:

Are you glad the show is going to be in Miami Beach?

Oh, yes. I love it there. I go there whenever I can. I actually filmed my first movie [My Sexiest Year] there with Harvey Keitel. It was set in 1970s Florida. I played a stereotype of a supermodel!

What do you do when you’re here?

The Standard is my second home. It’s not too busy because it’s away from all the noise, the music and the partying. I can just relax and read and eat well. I know everyone and they know me. I go into the kitchen and tell them I want [laughs]. I love the hammam and watching the sunset. You feel like you’re on an island.

Do you get stopped a lot in New York?

I live in Tribeca, which is pretty mellow and neighborhoody. I don’t really get recognized and if I do, I don’t mind if people are discreet. It’s all in the approach. I mean, if someone has the guts to ask, I’ll take a picture with them or sign an autograph. It’s sweet sometimes.

Is it true you read all your fan mail?

I do. I love the letters. I think it’s important. If they have the time to sit down and write me I have time to read it. I get about 100 a week. I do get some crazy ones, though – guys from prisons, telling me their whole life story or wanting a date or to come to their house. It’s pretty intense.

How do you stay so skinny?

First and most important, I love eating, I love good food. I don’t really diet. I try to eat five small meals a day, every 3 ½-4 hours to maintain my sugar. I don’t want to get to a point when I’m so hungry that I’ll eat everything on the table. I also try to exercise whenever I can.

So you eat healthy?

In Czechoslovakia I grew up on meat and really rich food – a lot of duck, rabbit and pork with, like, potatoes and dumplings. So when I go home I eat that. But everything there is fresh; we don’t have genetically produced stuff [like in the U.S.] Here I try to eat organic food from really good sources. The key is the quality. You really have to do your homework.

We have to ask: Did wearing the diamond bra hurt?

Well, it pokes in, and it’s very heavy metal, so you get marks. And of course it’s cold when you first put it on. But you don’t really think about the pain because it was such an amazing honor. You really feel like a million bucks!